Mathematics (Y7-Y12)

Physics (Y11 & Y12)

Student/Parent Testimonials

Saurabh Sir – Encouraging, dedicated, inspiring, patient, and highly competent. Throughout my son’s HSC journey, he made him believe that every problem has a solution both academic and otherwise. It was definitely a tough time for us as a parent as well. His strategies and motivating attitude did wonders. I would like to quote famous words: He is indeed an awesome teacher, very hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget. And our journey with his excellent teaching continues…

Mrs Prakash (Yash’s Mother)

Being a mother of 2 children I have come across many tutors. Saurabh certainly is the one who has shown genuine interest in bringing the best in my child. Result of any exam is a joint effort by the student, teachers, tutor and parents. Saurabh has definitely tried to tailor the teaching method to suit my child’s learning needs. Our family is very grateful for the guidance and support received by Saurabh.I highly recommend Saurabh to students at any level of competency in Mathematics.

Mrs Usha (Rohini’s Mother)

“Mr Mishra is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had due to his patience and understanding. His years of experience and knowledge really helps when it comes to explaining difficult concepts. Along with Mathematics, he is also adept in Physics and therefore is able to explain issues in Physics as well. I would surely recommend Mr. Mishra to anyone at any level if they had any issues with Mathematics or Physics”

Karan Vyas -Sydney Boys High School

Hi Folks, this post is about my heartiest thanks to Saurabh Mishra sir , who taught me way back but still I am very much thankful to Saurabh sir. He is not just a teacher to me , he is my elder brother, mentor and friend also. Sir, all the very best to this initiative . Keep rising and shining. God bless you.

Ram Mohan Pandey- IIT Roorkee